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Monday, April 10, 2017

Charmed Confections' New "Bitter Sweets" Collection and Bethany Lowe's New Halloween Catalog!!!

Hi Friends and Followers of my blog!!

Thought it was about time to sit down and update my page to show you some of the new dolls I have been working on for my upcoming shows this fall.  I decided to call my collection of dolls "Bitter Sweets".  In keeping with the Charmed Confections candy theme, I thought the name suited the dolls.  I'm liking it!  

Last year and in previous years past, I made various dangle dolls ... witches, skeletons and such.  I loved the process and wanted to get back to making a few of them again.  I am super proud of these three.  These dolls are reminiscent of some of my Trunk Monster characters in the past, now with full bodies.  Sure hope you like them.

I am finishing up another on my worktable today.  She is very different, but I am loving the challenge.  I'll post pictures when I finish.  

I am happy to announce all three will be published in the upcoming 2017 August issue of Art Doll Quarterly Magazine.  I am honored and excited to be in the publication once again.  This year's Halloween edition should be a very special one.  I am looking forward to it!


This is Gertie and her skeleton dolly.  I love how her lower legs and hands turned out.  Her sweet Mary Jane shoes were a must and really add a nice touch to her sweet and sour little girl look.


Lola was so fun to create.  I wanted to keep with the ice cream sherbet colors for this piece.  She looks really yummy.  She is holding a picture of her dearly departed (but very much loved) Aunt.


I wanted to create a clay corset for this doll and Lola (the day of the dead doll above).  Using the same technique as I did on my coffin last year, I was able to whip out a corset in no time.  I am loving the look ... the lacing up effect turned out perfect!  I couldn't be more happier with my attempt.

Belladonna's tiny shoes are adorned with a teeny, tiny skull.  I felt like a shoe cobbler for a few days creating little heels for all these dolls.  My new doll I am working on has high heel boots.  Wait till you see!  :)


In my last post, I mentioned that some of my Charmed Confections will be able through Bethany Lowe Designs.  Such a dream come true for me that my art will be available at fine retails stores.  I am still having those moments of disbelief that it is actually happening. 

Well, a couple of days ago, I received a copy of Bethany Lowe Designs 2017 Catalog.  Here are a couple of pictures for you.  Seeing is believing!  I'm so honored to be part of the Bethany Lowe family of artists!  This is such a beautiful catalog and the works of the other licensed artists within are simply outstanding! 

If you have a retail shop, you might be interested in becoming a wholesaler of Bethany Lowe items.  You can find them at www.bethanylowedesigns.com.  Request a catalog!

Well, that's all I have to share right now, but please keep watching my blog.  I will be posting about more dolls and another show I will be doing in Napa, CA.  Sure to be a good time!

Until then ...   

Monday, January 23, 2017

A new year, new plans, and new Charmed Confections! Let's catch you up!

Hi Everyone!  

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  It was a whirl wind of activity for me and I have so much to share to catch you all up on what is happening in the Charmed Confections Studio!

Where to begin ... ?

Well, last year's, Halloween and Vine show was AMAZING!  As always, I work for months to prepare for this show and am so excited to see the wonderful artists there and visit with friends and collectors. The crowd was wonderful!  There is nothing better to me than being in a crowd of people who love Halloween!!  The excitement and magic was truly in the air that day!  So much to see!  

If you haven't been to the show, you really need to take the time to visit!  Here is the link for the show this year.  The name has changed to All Hallow's Art Fest, but it is still at the same location and same time as years past.  I am happy and honored to be there again for my 4th year!  Get ready for some new changes for Charmed Confections ... some sweet, creepy things in the works! 

Here is the link to the show:

Click on the above link for more info.

I am hoping to pick up a couple other shows and will keep you posted on where I will be! 

I also have some more exciting news!!  I am beyond thrilled to now be a Bethany Lowe Licensed Artist!  What does this mean?  I will have a selected few of my Charmed Confections available in special retail stores.  Bethany Lowe Designs will be reproducing some of my pieces to bring them to you at quality prices, right in your own neighborhood.  Bethany Lowe has always been such a dream for me to someday be associated with.  I couldn't think of a better company to reproduce my art!  

Today, Bethany Lowe Designs sells to more that 6,000 customers worldwide, including in England, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.  My Charmed Confections are going global!  

To find a store near you click on this link -  www.bethanylowe.com
To find out if those store are carrying my items, give them a call request that they do.  They should be able to order the piece for you!  The Halloween catalog will be coming out in March!

Here is a sampling of some of my pieces that will be available!


If you happen to be on Facebook, stop on by and visit me!  You could catch up and see what I have been working on.  Here is the link!  

Don't forget to "Like" my page.  There is a like button right under the main Charmed Confections' logo at the top.  By liking my page you will be able to follow me better.  I would love that!

Below are a few pieces that are most recent!  

My Black and Tan Lollipop Ghost 

Little Witch Lexi and her Kitty Hexi - Apothecary Trunk 

The Gift of a Wonderful Friendship 
This piece was made special from one best friend to another.  
How wonderful!


Well, that is about it for now!  My Candy Boy, Jake and I have been staying snuggled up due to the rain and storms where I live.   I'll leave you with a picture of Jake in his blankie.  He is always keeping one eye on me.  LOL!  

Hope you all have a wonderful week and feel free to leave me a comment and say hi!  Would love to hear from you!  Cheers to you in 2017! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Wishes!

To all my Friends, Family and Collectors! 

Tonight is our night!  Live it up!  
Be safe and have a wickedly good time! 


Monday, September 19, 2016

Halloween and Vine is this weekend! Who's with me?!!

Hi Everyone!

The time is almost here when I pack up my van and bring my ghastly ghouls with me to Halloween and Vine!  A wonderful Halloween Art Collector's Show!  If you have never attended, you are truly missing out on walking into Halloween Heaven.  So much gorgeous Halloween artwork under one big roof.  I get giddy just thinking about it!

Here is the link to check out the show details.  www.halloweenandvine.com    This will be my third year attending and selling my artwork.  I am so thrilled to be one of the artist there.  Truly, I work all year making my little beasties just for this occasion.  Sure hope you can come if you are in the area.  You won't regret it and will certainly be back each year.

Here are a few things I am bringing with me!

There are so many more pieces, but not enough time to edit all the pictures.  If you follow me on facebook, keep watching there as I will be posting pictures of the whole adventure.  Soooo much fun!

I will be loading up all my girls (Family and Friends) and we are off to have a wickedly fun girls weekend!!  

Wish me luck!  

Friday, September 16, 2016

New Pieces Available in my Etsy Shoppe tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th!

Hi Everyone!   ---- All the below pieces listed in my Etsy Shoppe have SOLD OUT!

I wanted to let you all know that I will be listing 5 new pieces of artwork in my Charmed Confections Etsy Shoppe tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th at 10am Pacific Time.

Here is a sneak peek of what I will be listing.  Remember it is first come, first serve to be fair to everyone.  Hope you can stop on over and check it out.

Save the link below to go to my site.  Don't forget to refresh your browser.  Items will not appear until 10am pacific time tomorrow!