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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"A Wink and a Smile" -- New Christmas Charmed Confection

Hi Everyone!

Hopefully this post finds you well and happy!  Things have settled down in the Charmed Confections' studio and I'm back to blogging.  Nice to come back and look at my site and see how this year has unfolded for me.  Blogging reminds me somewhat of a diary ... (that everyone can read) ... but it also is a wonderful reminder of where I've been and where I am headed.  Looking back at the art created and my progression, I am so very thankful to be able to do what I love -- even if it is only part time due to the day job.  :)

But, before I get ahead of myself, I would like to say, "Thank You" to all of my followers and collectors.  Without you, my art has no wings!  I truly mean this.  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone delight in what you create.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this opportunity to share a little of me with you!

Since I have not blogged in a while, there is so much to catch up on.  I will have to do it in a few postings.  My Halloween shows were wonderful!  Halloween and Vine in Petaluma, CA, once again, was a huge hit!  I just loved seeing my fellow artists and their amazing works!  This year the art was incredible!  Loved seeing some of my collectors again and meeting new ones too!  I have much to share on my Halloween art, but will post about that soon, giving you finished pictures of some of the art you didn't see here.

As for today, I would like to introduce you to "A Wink and a Smile".  This sweet Santa is going to be displayed in a local gallery here in Sacramento, CA.  The gallery is called, The Art of Toys.  You can visit it by going to www.artoftoys.com.  I belong to a local artist doll group called, DollWorks.  We have been invited to show and sell our art at the gallery.  I am really excited, as this will be my first piece ever in a gallery.  Sounds fancy!  Ha! Ha!  In all seriousness, I am thrilled by this opportunity.  Who would have thought my art would take me there?  I still consider myself as learning this art form.  I don't think that will ever go away.

Anyway, I hope you like him!  Santa is 15 1/2" tall - sculpted out of paper clay.

I also wanted to mention that I did a really dumb thing lately.  In deleting my spam emails, I happened to delete my entire inbox.  Yup!  Gone!  So, if you sent me an email in the past that I did not respond to, please forgive me.  I am starting from scratch again.  Drop me a line and I will get back to you. Promise!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Sending out big hugs to you all!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Merriment ... A Sneak Peek at New Artwork!

Hi Everyone!  

Once again, it has been a while since I've posted.  My how time flies!  Where does it go ... and why can't we have more of it?  

I have been diligently sitting at my art table each and every night preparing for my upcoming show at Halloween and Vine in Petaluma, CA.  I am excited about the items I am bringing this year -- Trunk Monsters, Ghoulie Cakes, items from my Art Doll publication, a new line of ornaments, and some others mixed in.  My sweet / spooky characters are ready to meet you!

 For more information go to www.halloweenandvine.com 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the items, I am bringing.  There are lots and lots more, but I haven't had a chance to take their pictures.  Hope you like these!

The above picture is a work in progress of some heads that I have created for my line of Trunk Monsters.  These trunks will hold the happy couples in them.  Can't wait for you to see these!  Still finishing them up and time is raging on.  Only a week before the show - I'm cutting it close.  Say a little pray that I finish these!

Well, guess I should be off.  Hope all is well and happy in your corner of the world.  I will try and post more pictures as soon as I can.

Be well my friends!

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's New At Charmed Confections? Come see!!

Hi Everyone!

Guess who?  Yes, it's me, LeeAnn - returned from the dead.  I know... I can hardly believe it myself.  LOL!  It has been forever ago since I have last blogged.  I am glad, I still know how.  Hope if I have still any followers out there, that you are happy in your corner of the world.

I have been living a solitude life at my work table, sculpting away the hours in preparation of the upcoming show - Halloween and Vine.  Go to www.halloweenandvine.com for more info.  A wonderful, upscale art show hosted in Petaluma, CA, featuring some of the best Halloween artwork!  I am always excited to go and see all the goodies there!  If you are a Halloween lover like I am, this is Halloween Heaven on earth!

So, after working the day job, I come home each night to work the night job of creating my Charmed Confections.  It is a labor of love for sure and I am excited about the characters I am bringing to the show!  A lot of mischief and merriment happening around the studio right now!

Some more happy news!  Look for me in the latest August issue of Art Doll Quarterly!  Below is a picture of what the cover looks like.  Sylvia Smiser's day of the dead doll is on the cover.  Isn't she fabulous!  Love her expression!  

You can find my skellie couple below on Page 6 with an article write up on them.  I love this little couple.  These two love birds will be available for purchase at Halloween and Vine!  If you are going to the show, it is first come first serve.  They will come with a copy of the magazine!  How fun is that?!  I can't wait to meet their new owner!

I do have a couple of other pieces --- My Midnight Magic Cat and my Scaredy Boys are published in the Show and Tell section of the magazine too!  These will be available at Halloween and Vine as well.

I am thrilled with this issue of Art Doll Quarterly.  So many of my wonderful friends are in the magazine!  Congratulations to them all!  

I am happy to say that my first bat, Barnabas, has been completed and flying to his forever home soon.  Such a happy bat and my first to boot!  I am thrilled at how his wings turned out!  I will miss this little fellow! 

A backside view!  Pretty all the way around ... just like I like it!

Tomorrow, I will be back at it.  My studio chair and work table are waiting ... along with the countless of unpainted characters just staring at me.  HA! HA!

Well, don't be a stranger and say Hi!  I would love to hear from you (if you are out there).  Leave a comment and say hello!  

Here's to a wonderful and productive weekend!  Until then ... 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's New? - Making Progress - And Just Being Silly!

Hi There!

Thought it would be a good idea to post in my blog and catch up where I left off?  Hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day!  My daughter was working, so she spoiled me on Saturday with flowers and my favorite perfume.  I cried over the card ... that girl know just the right thing to say to make me feel special.  I hope you were spoiled a little too!  I spent Sunday with my sweet Mom.  We had a BBQ over at her house and  she and I worked on ornaments for the Halloween and Vine show.  My finished cupcake ornies needed their hangers.

I wanted to catch up my blog on the latest happenings here in my studio!  Halloween and Vine (A fantastical Halloween Art Show) is approaching and I am so thrilled to be in the show once more selling my Charmed Confections.  You can go to www.halloweenandvine.com to check out the details.  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary!  I am thrilled!  I remember when I was just standing in line to get in and now I am actually an artist in the show.  Crazy!

They also have a Facebook page.  Go to https://facebook.com/halloweenandvine ---- You can click the link, I've provided.  Check out all the artwork on the photos tab.

Here is an update on my bat!  He is my first one, so it is slow going until I work all the kinks out, but he is now primed and ready for paint!  I absolutely love how his wings turned out!  I studied so many anatomical bat photos that I think he is pretty accurate!  Even has a tail and all!  I will have to post a picture of his cute backside.  

Now that I have him figured out, I will make a few more for the show!

Here is a picture of my latest find!  A new desk for my studio!  I found it in a furniture consignment store.  Love it!!  The chair was mine, but I think it works.  So nice to be able to display some of my Halloween collection from my artist friends and get organized!  Loving those sweet cabinets!!

My sweet, Candy Boy, Jake, wanted to make an appearance on my blog too!  He is sending you a smile and hoping you have a terrific week.!  

Jake, looking for more tummy rubs!  I swear, my little man should not have any fur on his chest with all the rub downs he gets.  He should be bald!  This is the look I get when I stop petting him.  LOL!

Lastly, something silly I just needed to have.  Some super, cute skull rubber boots to go tromping in the yard with.  How these make me laugh and smile!  I need to make some of my skeletons with a flower headband!  My boots are inspiring!

Well, that is it for now.  I will post some more works in progress soon!  Lots of things cooking in the studio!

Have a wickedly, sweet day my friends!  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pfatt Marketplace Opens Tomorrow with Brand New Items

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give you a heads up that Pfatt Marketplace (a wonderful selling site I am on) updates tomorrow at 10am pacific time with new items for sale by the artists on the site.  Go to www.pfattmarketplace.com and check it out tomorrow.

I have two Ghastly Ghost looking for a new home.  Here is a picture of them.  They are $75.00 - shipping included.  Go to www.pfattmarketplace.com tomorrow at 10am pacific time for more details.  Look for Charmed Confections in the artist line up.  Don't forget to check out all the artists there!

Angus (above) is SOLD too!  Happily haunting his new home!

The purple Ghost is SOLD!  Thank you, Jamie!!

See you there!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back on the Artistic Journey!

Hi there ... remember me?

Geesh! I should really kick myself for not blogging more.  Well, I will give you no excuses.  Not this time.  Life has been happening and I just pushed my blog to the side.  I do hope that you are all well and happy.  Speaking of happy ... happy St. Patty's Day to you all!  This day always reminds me of my sweet, Irish Dad.  I am sure my Mom is cooking him up some Irish dish tonight.  Corn-beef and cabbage, perhaps?  I, on the other hand, will be hoping my hubby cooks for me.  Not likely, but a girl has to dream.  :)    

Well, what's new?  I have been working on some new pieces and I have a couple of photos to share of my most recent art.

The first is a sweet Skellie Trunk called "I only have an eye for you."

I love how this piece turned out.  It was quite a puzzle trying to get the two skellie's to fit together.  The gentleman skellie has his arm around his gal.  His hand is somewhat on her waist.  You can see it better from the side angle in the below picture.  Do you see their tiny eyeball olives in their cocktails.  hee! hee!  I couldn't resist!

I love how the skellie girl's hair turned out.  Love the Gibson girl type bun and curls.  She is quite the lady, this sweet skellie girl!  

I also have been working on a cat and mouse duo.  This is my first attempt at a cat (and mouse) for that matter.  I hope you like them.  The hat they sit in is hand flocked.  Something I taught myself last year.  LOL!  I am always trying to learn something new.  Keeps me thinking and dreaming up ideas.  

Recently, I am playing with resins. Already had a couple of disasters, but then finally, success!  More on that later. 

The little mouse is removable from the piece.  He is jointed at the arms and hips.  The cat is doing a magic trick.  I think he is trying to guess what card the little mouse is holding.  

Next is my Bat.  

He is still a work in progress.  (Sorry about my messy work table.)  I am still sculpting his legs and feet.  His wings are just the skeletal frame.  There is still a lot of work to do on them.  They will look completely different when finished.  But this gives you a look at the inside framing.  This guy is a challenge, but his face is downright sweeeeeeeet!

Would love you hear from you.  Drop me a comment and share your blog site address if you want to share something you are working on!  

Until then ... 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy February! Sharing the love!!! Can you say ... GIVEAWAY!!

Hi Friends out there in Bloglandia!!

Can you believe it is almost time for Valentine's Day?  Where is the time going?  Someone please slow down this carousel ride, I can't keep up.  :)

Hope all is well and happy in your corner of the world.  Are you looking forward to this year?  Have you already made your goals and plans? Do you have something special that you are looking forward too?  Drop me a comment, as I would love to hear what you are doing.  

Making plans --- I have been trying to do just that.  Plan out my year, set some goals (both personal and creative-wise), and find the time to keep learning and trying new things I've always want to.  However, with all my good intentions, I am off to a slow start.  January flew by for me and then I caught a wonderful flu bug which lasted about three weeks!  UGH!!  Guess, I should be thankful that I got through Christmas without a hint of a cold.  I'm not really sure why I always get my flu shot, when that flu bug seems to find a way to bite me.  This year, that little bug is a nasty one.  Hopefully, you did not meet up with him.  

Things at Charmed Confections are looking up though!  I am excited about a few things I have in the creative process.  Last year was such a big year for my art, I wonder how I can even top it ... if it is even possible for this year.  Happy to say that new characters are emerging on paper which I will transfer to clay. It is kind of exciting to think of who will emerge this year.  

In my quest for continued artistic knowledge, I have learned some new polymer clay techniques.  Definitely not a pro at them, but I am working on perfecting them to the best of my ability.  I have been learning how to create canes in polymer and how to reduce them to the tiniest of sizes.  I find it pretty fascinating.  I am also developing new techniques with paper clay.  As soon as I have something I am proud of, I'll share.   

In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know about a sweet GIVEAWAY!  I am honored to be in a group of talented artists called "Folk Art and Primitives".  This group is on Etsy and on Facebook.  Lots of talented artists, selling wonderful handmade items.  This month, the group is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.  

Here is what you could win! 

Giveway ends February 8th, so sign up soon!

The link to sign up, is below this paragraph!  PLEASE NOTE:  Do not leave a comment here on my blog to sign up for this.  You need to click the link below and sign up there.  However, I would love it if you signed up to follow me if you are not currently!  :)

I am giving away one of my Blissful Bunnies (like pictured below).  The one pictured is already sold, but I have another sculpted the same way.  The winner can choose their own colors.

Lastly, if you are looking for some cute items to shop for, pop on over to Etsy by clicking the link below and see what the FAAP Team has for sale!

Well that's all the news for now.  I do hope you will drop me a comment and say hi!  Have a great week and sign up to win in the giveaway!  You never know ... you just might win!!

Until next time ... 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Amazing 2014 - Hello 2015!

Hi Everyone!  

I'm back ... and it feels good to be back too!  I am giggling that my last post was about Thanksgiving.  Gee, am I a little late on getting this out or what?  I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Happy New Year to each of you!  Here is hoping it is one filled with health, happiness, love, a little wealth would be good, and maybe ... a little "happy" excitement too!

Last year was such a roller coaster of a ride ... super highs and super lows.  The highs being that I felt like my art was finally taking off and the lows being health issues in the family (not with me, but with my loved ones).  My entire family and extended family have really taken some heavy blows last year.  Happy to say that we are slowly on the mend, by the grace of God, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the future.

This year, I would like to ride the carousel (not the roller coaster) ... fun music, riding my pretty pony, nice and steady with the wind in my hair ... maybe even catching a brass ring or two.  :)  One could only hope.  

I am happy to add, that I am back at my work table sculpting.   Funny, but when I am away from it for a time, I am hesitant to sit back in my chair.  Crazy ... don't know why.  I find myself looking for other things to do, but sit there and create.  So, I have pushed myself to sit down, turn on my light, and after a few seconds I am like a duck to water.  Just need to get my feet wet again.  Don't know why I hesitate, because I love it when I create.  I know ... I think, I'm nuts too!

Anyway, I am already getting ready for Hallowbaloo and Halloween & Vine 2015!!!  Two national Halloween shows that I attended last year.  I had so much fun bringing my Charmed Confections there!!  Can't wait for this year!  I have the dates so mark your calendar!

Click the link above to go the website

Click above go to the website or click the You Tube video to see a video of the show!!

It is Halloween and Vine's 20th Anniversary!   Eeeeee!!  I am so excited to be there!!!  

So, what am I bringing to the show?  Well, I have been trying to come up with some new designs, doing a lot of drawing in my note pad, tons of post it notes with ideas EVERYWHERE, and already starting on the process of quite a few items.  I am hoping to get ahead of crunch time.  

This year, skeleton grim reapers will be showing up - angel wings and all.  Frankie is back with his monster friends, the wolfman, mummy, dracula, Morticia, and some candy stealing imps too.  There will be some bats, some cats, new jointed dolls, and a new line of cool ornaments I am tickled to death to show you!!  It's all coming!!  Now just to get it all done.  I am definitely on a timeline.  

PINTEREST --- In my previous holiday downtime, I have found that I am totally addicted to Pinterest! Check out my Pinterest Boards.  I have some cool tutorials, inspiration for art, a fantastic Halloween costume board, some recipes, pictures of my previous artwork, etc.  Here is the link!

FACEBOOK -- Charmed Confections also has a business page on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook look me up and "Like" my page.  I would love to hear from you!  New postings of my work in progress will be posted on this blog and on Facebook too!  Check it out - here is the link!

WITCHES OF GIGGLESWICK -- Most of you know that I am one of the founders of a group of artists named the Witches of Giggleswick.  Carly Smith (shop name-Boggy Bottom Bayou - you can find her in my blog roll in the right column of my blog) and I started this group a couple of years ago.  We also have a Facebook page where you can find some incredible art by some of the best Halloween / Holiday artists out there.  

It is also a selling site too!  Here is the link if you would like to check that out!  Don't forget to "Like" the page too!  We would so appreciate it!

Well, I guess I should sign off for now.  Before I do, I would like to say a big 
to all of you who follow and read my blog.  It is an honor to have you along on my crazy carnival ride.  

The ride is definitely more fun with 
you sitting beside me!  XOXO