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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sophie and Sebastian - The newest piece from Charmed Confections!

Hi there!

Hope this posting finds you well and happy in your world.  As you all know, I love Halloween, but before all of that, I was born with a love of  DOLLS!  If I think back to my childhood, I always had a little trinket of some sort in my pocket or in my hands. I was completely in love with Kiddles.  Do you remember those dolls?  Tiny, little things and you could hide them in your pocket, they were so small.  Big headed dolls with tiny bodies in comparison.  They usually had big hair, big eyes and smelled good too!  I loved them!!  In fact, I still have a few in my personal doll collection.  What has this to do with my latest piece?  Well, at first ... nothing. But as I stand back to admire my newest piece, I find some similarities and have to giggle.

When speaking of my art with family, friends or customers, the most common question I am asked is, where do my ideas come from.  It is a very difficult question for me to answer.  The truth is ... it's just pops in my head.  I find my art and ideas are mostly pulled from past feelings and memories.  I'll see something and it sparks a thought and it grows into an idea from there.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit a cemetery close to my house (out in the middle of nowhere) that dates all the way back to the early 1800's.  I love cemeteries!  I find them to be a wealth of architectural beauty.  I love reading the headstones as sometimes you can gleam a little knowledge of the person to whom it belongs too.

It was a glorious day!  Gorgeous and mild.  I spent a few hours roaming the stones and visiting with those I past.  I met three sisters, several soldiers, entire families, children gone way too early, and small, baby girl who was on the very outskirts of the graveyard.  She was very endearing to me.  Born 1865 and I am sure her family is long gone by now.  I hope that I will be able to get back there someday soon and bring her some flowers to cheer her.  I guess, I feel that motherly affection for her.

Where is all this talk leading?  Well, I would like to introduce you to Sophie and Sebastian! My newest Charmed Confection.  In past posts, I showed you pictures of a coffin I was sculpting on.  This is the final product.  My sweet ghostie girl, Sophie, who is not by any means tiny, but reminds me somewhat of a kiddle doll I use to play with.  Her sweet, shy, but possibly worried face, ties into my trip to the graveyard for inspiration and how a small child ghost might behave.

I do hope you like her.  Since I did not want Sophie to be lonely out there on the outskirts of the graveyard, I needed to make her a tiny kitty cat for company.  Cats are good companions and sooth the soul.

This piece is almost 18" tall and 12" wide.  Sophie and Sebastian are sculpted out of clay, painted and then shaded to give them a ghostly appearance.  The coffin is handcrafted out of wood by the very talented husband and wife duo, Mark and Rae Davis of Calaveras Coffin Co.  You can find them on Facebook under that name.  They make gorgeous, wooden coffins in all sizes finished and unfinished.  You can even ask for a custom size, as I did with this piece. If you are looking to use a coffin in your art, I would highly recommend their's.  I purchased an unfinished coffin and decided to sculpt side panels, roses, skulls, leaves and vines on it.

Here is a close up picture.  Each rose and skull was sculpted one at a time and then assembled on the coffin --- kinda like a puzzle.  I added the leaves and vines after.

Here is a side view.

 The three skulls on the side of this piece represent my own sweet family.  Hubby, myself and daughter.  Three is my favorite number too!  :)

Here you can see how beautiful those side panels turned out!  Love them!!  Pretty pleased with how the coffin turned out.  The stone block work on the base is out of clay too.  Hours and hours of sculpting time here.  Sophie carries a tiny lantern with a real candle inside to light her way through the night.  Sebastian the cat is darling with his tiny painted bones --- always by her side.

A cute picture of Sebastian's backside.  He was so fun to create! 

So, in closing, where can you draw on inspiration?  Just about anywhere.  From my love of Kiddle dolls when I was a small child, to graveyard where I met new friends.

Where do you draw inspiration from?  Drop me a line and let me know.  :)

Until next time!