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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Tutorial on the Creative Paperclay® Blogsite!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Happy Sunday to you! 

Wanted to let you know that I have posted my next tutorial on the Creative Paperclay® Blogsite.  If you are looking for a cute party favor that is inexpensive and quick to do, take a look.  I made up some cute party moustaches!   Michaels has these in all different wooden shapes, including hats and glasses. 

Just spruce them up with paperclay, paint and embellish!  Add a cute tag on the stick to personalize your party!  The plain wooden moustaches were only .99 cents.  You can't beat that!

My doggie Jake is modeling them for you.  Here is the brown stash!  So cute, Jake!

Here is Jake looking very distinguished! 

To find out more ... go to:  www.creativepaperclay.blogspot.com -- Pop on over and see all the tips and tutorials by the creative Design Team.

Until next time ...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Wednesday to you from my little, green witch! Moonstruck Matilda!

Hi out there in Bloglandia!

I hope you are all well and happy this fine Wednesday.  Wanted to check in and give you all an update on what is happening here in the Charmed Confections Studio.

Meet Moonstruck Matilda.  My second witch of the year so far.  She is now available on Etsy.  Here are a few pictures of Matilda.  She is approximately 17" tall.

 to find out all the details on her.  She is a lovely green witch.  Green is my fav!!

Matilda is Sold!!  Thank you!!


Last week, I listed my Sweet Charlotte Witch on Spookytime Jingles.  She is still waiting for a good home.  If you are interested here is her link:  http://spookytimejingles.com/userpages.php?usersearch=charmedconfections   She is a darling too!


Don't know if you popped on over to the Witches of Giggleswick Website yet.  If you haven't you so need to.  Sign up for the free membership to gain access into the selling site.  They are several wonderful artists represented there listing their wonderful creations.

The Witches of Giggleswick website is also looking for artists to join in the marketplace.  If you would like to sell your handmade items there, please go to the site and email us!!  We would love to talk to you!!


Lastly, if you would like to learn more about Creative Paperclay® go the their tutorial blogsite at www.creativepaperclay.blogspot.com.  I am so happy to be on the Design Team there.  Please stop by and see my tips and tutorials listed, as well as check out all the other fabulous artists and their teachings.

You will love this site!  We are hosting a Valentine Link Up Party on February 8th.  So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week my friends!  Until then ...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Halloween Offering on SpookyTime Jingles!! / Go Witches of Giggleswick!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  I wanted to introduce you to my first piece of the year!  

This is Sweet Charlotte, named after my own sweet Mom.  Charlotte will be appearing on SpookyTime Jingles at midnight on January 12th!  Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing her ... or pop on over if you would like to see all the other Artist offerings.  Check it out!  It is really a fun site!  www.spookytimejingles.com

I know ... I'm back to Halloween already.  Well, being a member of Spookytime Jingles means that Halloween is all year long.  Fine by me, because I love it so.  I will be back with some more current holiday artwork too!  :)

The overall piece is 16" tall.  
Charlotte sits in a weighted Halloween embellished cone. 

I think she turned out pretty sweet!  Hope you like her.


If you haven't seen my last post about Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou, Mark Mock (our illustrious, Web Master) and I opening up a Witches of Giggleswick website.  Please look at the next post below this one.  You won't want to miss it!  Here is the link to our new site!  www.witchesofgiggleswick.com

We are currently having several give-aways on the site.  To sign up, click the link above and click on Join Us.  Sign up for the free membership.  Once you do, you will be automatically entered into the give-away drawings.  Pictures of the give-aways will be posted soon!   When you are on the site browse around and check out the marketplace.  There are fabulous artists on the site selling their wares!!  You gotta love that!!  See you there!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Website Open --- Witches of Giggleswick!!

Hi Everyone!

I have a wonderful announcement to make!  After a year of planning and dreaming, Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou and I have opened a new website called Witches of Giggleswick.  We have wanted to unite Halloween enthusiasts and Artists under one roof for some time.  If you remember our wonderful bloghop, this is a take off from that concept.  

At our new site, you will be able to find fantastic Halloween / Holiday art, tips & tutorials, artists info, upcoming shows,  news about the artistic community, and so much more.  If you want to become an Artist Vendor with us, instructions to do so are listed on the site.  

Please go to http://witchesofgiggleswick.com and sign up!   To enter the site, you will need to sign up for the "free" membership.  Click on "Join Us" to sign up.  Again it is free, but by signing up, you will gain access to the site and the Artist Marketplace within.

Once you sign up for your free membership, you will automatically be entered in our first give-away.  Pictures of the give-away prizes will be posted shortly on the site!  You won't want to miss it!

Since Giggleswick has opened it's doors early due to the high volume of requests, please check back often as we are uploading information daily.  Our Webmaster, Mark Mock, is working his little fingers to the bone.  

Again, Regular Membership is FREE!  So hurry over and join us and get in on our first give-away!

See you there!
LeeAnn & Carly

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year Friends!! ~~ Creative Paperclay® Blog Hop ~~ Upcoming Artwork on STJ!!!


Ok ... I am a little late getting out this post,
but my intentions are sincere when I say ...

Kiss 2013 goodbye and say hello to 2014!   
I hope this year brings you all much joy and happiness.  
I wish you health, wealth and a family that loves and holds you close 
to their hearts.  
May all your dreams and goals come true.  
Set your goals high and if you come close, you have achieved much.  
Keep God first and everything will fall in line.  
Like me, he wants only good for you. 

Have the happiest of New Year's!!

I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you are now getting into the routine of another year.   I am excited about this year and what possibilities it holds.  It is a new beginning for us all.  Hopefully, I will be able to live up to goals I set for myself.  That is always a challenge.  So far, I am late getting out of the gate, but sometimes it's good to be the underdog.  I will just plug along, keep on track, and see what happens.  

I don't really set resolutions for myself, as I always feel bad when I don't achieve them or even partially achieve them.  So this year instead of a resolution, I have a theme.  My theme is "Lighter and Brighter".  Lighter - meaning I need to purge my old things, clean the clutter, in my studio, my closet, everywhere ... even in my mind.  LOL!  Hopefully, by doing so, I will be Brighter and more accomplished.  It is amazing how much stuff clings to you over the course of a year.  I have come to the resolution that I am like a lint magnet.  So, I need to shed these things and lighten up!  How about you?  What are your goals this year?


I also wanted to let you know about an upcoming special event.  Creative Paperclay® will be hosting a blog hop on February 8th.  So mark your calendars.  It should be a lot of fun!  You will be able to hop from each Design Team Member's blogs to see their latest Valentine tutorial.  I will have one posted on my site in which you will be able to win what I make.  I am still coming up with my concept art piece.  Wish me luck! 

In the meantime, go to www.creativepaperclay.blogspot.com  and check out all the tips and tutorials the Design Team has listed there.

 I will be posting another paperclay tip on the blogsite this Sunday, January 11th.  I would love for you to stop by and say hi!  


On Tuesday, January 13th, SpookyTime Jingles updates their site with new artwork from some amazingly, talented Halloween Artists.  I am still so happy to be a part of this group.  It really was a pinch me moment when Charmed Confections was added to the site last year.  I am humbled to be among these artists, as I am still striving to excel in my artwork.

I will have a new Halloween piece available for purchase on the site.  It is a sweet, little witch.  She does have a wicked sister as well ... we'll see if I can get her done in time too!  :)


We'll that is my news so far this month!  Thank you to all my followers of this blog.  You are truly the icing on my cupcake and make my art that much sweeter for it!  Hugs and love to you all!