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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Amazing 2014 - Hello 2015!

Hi Everyone!  

I'm back ... and it feels good to be back too!  I am giggling that my last post was about Thanksgiving.  Gee, am I a little late on getting this out or what?  I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Happy New Year to each of you!  Here is hoping it is one filled with health, happiness, love, a little wealth would be good, and maybe ... a little "happy" excitement too!

Last year was such a roller coaster of a ride ... super highs and super lows.  The highs being that I felt like my art was finally taking off and the lows being health issues in the family (not with me, but with my loved ones).  My entire family and extended family have really taken some heavy blows last year.  Happy to say that we are slowly on the mend, by the grace of God, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the future.

This year, I would like to ride the carousel (not the roller coaster) ... fun music, riding my pretty pony, nice and steady with the wind in my hair ... maybe even catching a brass ring or two.  :)  One could only hope.  

I am happy to add, that I am back at my work table sculpting.   Funny, but when I am away from it for a time, I am hesitant to sit back in my chair.  Crazy ... don't know why.  I find myself looking for other things to do, but sit there and create.  So, I have pushed myself to sit down, turn on my light, and after a few seconds I am like a duck to water.  Just need to get my feet wet again.  Don't know why I hesitate, because I love it when I create.  I know ... I think, I'm nuts too!

Anyway, I am already getting ready for Hallowbaloo and Halloween & Vine 2015!!!  Two national Halloween shows that I attended last year.  I had so much fun bringing my Charmed Confections there!!  Can't wait for this year!  I have the dates so mark your calendar!

Click the link above to go the website

Click above go to the website or click the You Tube video to see a video of the show!!

It is Halloween and Vine's 20th Anniversary!   Eeeeee!!  I am so excited to be there!!!  

So, what am I bringing to the show?  Well, I have been trying to come up with some new designs, doing a lot of drawing in my note pad, tons of post it notes with ideas EVERYWHERE, and already starting on the process of quite a few items.  I am hoping to get ahead of crunch time.  

This year, skeleton grim reapers will be showing up - angel wings and all.  Frankie is back with his monster friends, the wolfman, mummy, dracula, Morticia, and some candy stealing imps too.  There will be some bats, some cats, new jointed dolls, and a new line of cool ornaments I am tickled to death to show you!!  It's all coming!!  Now just to get it all done.  I am definitely on a timeline.  

PINTEREST --- In my previous holiday downtime, I have found that I am totally addicted to Pinterest! Check out my Pinterest Boards.  I have some cool tutorials, inspiration for art, a fantastic Halloween costume board, some recipes, pictures of my previous artwork, etc.  Here is the link!

FACEBOOK -- Charmed Confections also has a business page on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook look me up and "Like" my page.  I would love to hear from you!  New postings of my work in progress will be posted on this blog and on Facebook too!  Check it out - here is the link!

WITCHES OF GIGGLESWICK -- Most of you know that I am one of the founders of a group of artists named the Witches of Giggleswick.  Carly Smith (shop name-Boggy Bottom Bayou - you can find her in my blog roll in the right column of my blog) and I started this group a couple of years ago.  We also have a Facebook page where you can find some incredible art by some of the best Halloween / Holiday artists out there.  

It is also a selling site too!  Here is the link if you would like to check that out!  Don't forget to "Like" the page too!  We would so appreciate it!

Well, I guess I should sign off for now.  Before I do, I would like to say a big 
to all of you who follow and read my blog.  It is an honor to have you along on my crazy carnival ride.  

The ride is definitely more fun with 
you sitting beside me!  XOXO