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Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventures with my little man "Jake"!

Hi Everyone!

Please forgive me for being away from my blog for a time.  I have been busy working on Halloween items for Pfatt Marketplace, which will open again with new items this Wednesday, October 10th at 10am.  So you won't want to miss it!  

I would like to introduce you to our latest family addition ... "Jake".  He is a 3 month old miniature Australian Shepherd, who is quickly becoming my little shadow around the Charmed Confections workroom.  Below are a few pictures of him scrapbooking!  Ha! Ha!  He is really giving his pumpkin paper a workout.  Jake has a creative/destructive side to him that I just adore and will probably regret later.  How can I possibly be upset with a face like that? 

Tomorrow I will give you all a sneak peek at what I will be listing on Pfatt Marketplace.  Until then, Jake and I hope you are healthy, happy, well loved and scrappy!!

Here he is after hours of ripping and tearing - fast asleep.  Scrapbooking is EXHAUSTING!!  Hee! Hee!  I had to give him a little flower for modesty sake.  He is just a baby!!  :) 


Jody Wakefield studio said...

Oh lee Ann he is the darned cutest thing ever!!!Love his sweet face. The destructive thing gets way better a year to two years old when the puppy thing goes away. I see why you are in love with him. That was a clever placement of the leaf, tee hee...


Unknown said...

The fig Leaf...ROFL!!! Only you! Your blog looks just great...I must have a Trunk Monster!!!

Carly Anne

Charmed Confections said...

Well, my family carved our Halloween pumpkin today - Jake's first Halloween! We went outside to look at the pumpkin lit up (it was dark) and my husband made a growling noise and poor little Jake took off like a shot, ran right into the door. LOL! Maybe he should dress up as a chicken for Halloween instead of the little devil costume I bought him. :)