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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Tutorial!!  Candy Anyone?


Thought I would post a picture of what will be needed in my first tutorial on how to make miniature candy / candy ornaments  (like the ones I made for the Christmas Blop Hop Giveaway).  I will be posting a tutorial on how to make faux candy next Wednesday.  I would love for you to join me!  Making sweets should be made together, so don't leave me here in my craft kitchen alone.   Just leave a comment below my postings and I will be able to comment back to you!

Below is a picture of what I will be showing you how to make, as well as giving you lots of variations, such as embellishments, like buttons, garland, Christmas ornaments, etc.  Lots of possibilities with these sweet candies.  

Remember, you can use the techniques I teach you not only for miniature candy, but you can make them as large or as small as you like! They make wonderful accessories to your dolls or your own art.  Get your kids involved too!   Polymer clay is nontoxic - perfect for us all!

~~ Tools Needed ~~

You will also need a baking sheet and an oven.  I have a small table top oven that I use only for polymer clay.  You can use your regular oven, but please remember, it will need to be cleaned really well with water and baking soda afterwards to remove any residue from the fumes.  Real food and polymer clay should never be in mixed company.  :) 

The above picture is Angelina Fantasy Film!  This is great stuff ... you can use it to make beautiful fairy wings too!  It is  scrumptious colored cellophane (not too thick, but perfect for wrapping candies in).  

You can find most of these items at Michaels, JoAnns or on Ebay.  As soon as I get permission from one of my favorite stores on Ebay, I will give you their name.  Love them - but thought I should ask them first before mentioning them.   A great store for supplies!

OK ... I have been given permission to use their name!!  YAY!  On ebay you can find the 3D Liquid Lacquer, Angelina Fantasty Film (in a pack of multiple colors), heat gun, cutter rib tool, and glitter at a store called Morezmore!  Don't forget that name!  They are on ebay!  Great store - super fast shipping too - EXCELLENT!

Here is a link! 


Well, that's it for now.  Hope to see you in the kitchen with me on Wednesday.  I have lots of room and would love your company!  Hugs to you,

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