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Monday, September 2, 2013

New Ghastly Ghosts Appearing at Charmed Confections!

Hi All!

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day.  The weather is cool and I am working my little heart out here in the Charmed Confections studio.   I wanted to share with you my two latest Ghastly Ghosts.   

Meet Booga-Booga Bob  
Bob loves to rattle his chain and get you all worked up for Halloween!  
His smile makes my cheeks hurt.  :)

This is Jasper the Jester!
Jasper loves jingling his pumpkin rattle and bonking you in the head with it! 
Watch out, he's a little devil!  Don't let his sweet looks fool you.

For those of you following my blog, M.J. (Mary) was my Grand Prize winner of a custom Ghastly Ghost.  I offered the above ghosts to her to pick from ... or I will make her another.  Which will she pick???  The choice is her's .... we will wait to see!

(Mary has decided to go with Jasper the Jester!  YAY!  I will be mailing him out to her this week!)

Still waiting to hear from Bebe and Lori about their winnings!!  I bet they still don't know that they've won a set of my cupcake ornies.    

Heard from Bebe -  Mailed out her cupcakes --- Still waiting to hear from Lori!  Where are you Lori???

Well, take care my friends and mark your calendar for Friday, September 13th.  That is the date to join in on the Giggleswick Halloween Blog Hop.  I will be posting a list of the participating Artists soon!



Laura S Reading said...

While both are wonderful, that Booga Booga looks like he has a wild side. (Although it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for...)

Lisa J. Ammerman said...

These are both wonderful! I'm not sure which one I would pick if I had been the lucky winner!

Charmed Confections said...

Hi Lisa thanks for comment on my ghosts. I'm not sure which I would pick either.

Had to laugh at DogMoms comment ... so true, so true! Thanks to you both for stopping by!

Melissa said...

These girls are very lucky! Your creations are wonderful! I came across your blog this morning from Sweet Bear Creek Whims, I am so glad I did! Have a wonderful day!!